Meet our team of behavioral health and business advisors.

Andrew Sekel, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Sekel is currently the Managing Partner of Marketplace Funds. Previously, as CEO for Optum Specialty Networks, he oversaw behavioral health, complex medical and physical health clinical services that improved the overall health and wellbeing of individuals in the employer and health plan markets. He also co-founded and led several behavioral health management companies, and is a former faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin.

Henry Harbin, M.D.

Behavioral Health Advisor

Dr. Harbin is a psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience in the behavioral health field. He served as the chairman of Greenspring Health Services and Magellan Health Services—which managed mental health and substance abuse benefits of 70 million Americans. He has also provided health care consulting services to organizations including the AARP, the American Psychiatric Association, and Mental Health America. Since 2004, he's served as an adviser to the Kennedy Forum (an advocacy group founded by Patrick Kennedy to push for reforms in the US behavioral system).

Jeff Epstein

Business Advisor

Jeff is an Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and a Senior Advisor at Oak Hill Capital Partners. He is the former EVP and CFO of Oracle and served as CFO of several companies including DoubleClick and King World Productions. Jeff holds an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from Yale.

Adam Hanft

Brand Advisor

Adam is a nationally-known expert in marketing strategy and branding, as well as a prolific cultural critic and journalist. He is co-author of the best-selling book “Dictionary of the Future” and has advised many consumer and b2b digital and technology companies, including Microsoft, AT&T,, and start-ups still in stealth mode.

Amy Jo Kim

Engagement Design

Amy is an internationally recognized expert in online social architecture. Her influential book, Community Building on the Web has been translated into seven languages and is required reading in universities and game companies around the world. She has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from University of Washington, and a B.A. in Experimental Psychology from UCSD.